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About the Downloads

HoL Heritage Collection

This file lists the pool of locks that have been prepared for display and rotate around our various sites. Note: the file currently lists about 1,000 items  and is regularly updated from the much larger Reference Collection or as further items are acquiesces into the collection.

The Archive Documents

Listings of the documents in our archive which we have also included a thumbnail image of the document. Every record has a reference number; in most cases you can order high-res scans for nominal fees. There are further concessions for the Supporters Groups.

Genealogy, Your Family History and Ancestry

When compiling our index's and apart from the usual data we have meticulously recorded peoples names… more


Index to the HoL Heritage Collection

115 pages - PDF - 11mb - Last updated: February 2021

HoL Heritage Collection

Index to the HoL Archive

  - PDF - Last updated: under compilation - to be added shortly

Index to the HoL collection featured in the MLA Heritage Room.

- 45 pages - PDF - 7.74 Mb.- Last updated:  March 2020

MLA Heritage Room

Index to the HoL Chubb display within the Fordingbridge Museum

- 8 pages - PDF - 756kb.    Last updated: summer 2019

Fordingbridge Museum Display

We also have a regular Column in Keyways the Journal of the Master Locksmiths Association, although its a trade only magazines we have special permission to provide a selection of our own articles as downloads here. The History of locks Museum strongly recommends that those seeking a locksmith career should Join the MLA


Evolving Technologies

 2 pages - pdf - 127kb


Locksmiths’ Leisure Activities

pages 18-20 - pdf - 223kb


Scandinavian Story

pages 14-16 - pdf - 268kb


Chatwood’s Single Spindle Letter Lock

6 pages - pdf - 252kb


More on Tann

 - 3 pages - pdf - 601kb