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The History of Locks Museum

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Any historical/preservation organisation wants to both share and inspire; we are no different. We have commented, elsewhere on this site, how  locks and keys touch every aspect of  civilisation and we acknowledge the wide variety of reasons a researcher might want to access our resources.

Increasingly both permanent and temporary displays of artefacts with public access are already established. The Master Locksmiths Associations Heritage Room situated in the centre of England, and therefore easily accessible. Another very focused display situated within the Fordingbridge Museum; the Chubb brothers, Jeremiah and Charles were born in Fordingbridge and this exhibit focuses on Chubb artefacts. Of course we are keen to establish more locations and see this as a proactive part of our model.

The History of Locks Museum is self-funding; at least insofar as our day to day operation is concerning. In line with the vast majority of historical preservation we have to earn our income, we have no grants or trust funds and heavily rely on the income generated from our own e-commerce activities, the Supporters Group and your donations. We thank and acknowledge all that have helped.

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Corporate & Host sites

Future Plans


Corporate & Host Sites

Part of our model is  to create many more permanent publicly assessable satellite exhibits in either corporate premises or within museums around the UK and even further afield. Contact our curator for further details if you can see mutually beneficial aspects to hosting.

Future Plans

The work to seek-out, present and study artefacts and archive material is, of course, continuous. Whilst establishing satellite permanent and temporary exhibits around the UK we have future plans to establish an international museum and archive  whilst still maintaining the satellite sites. Additionally, and in our own way, further establish both national and international host sites; the pool of artefacts we have persevered circulating around the sites to interest.

Of course, and as any other organisations, future direction is always a mindful concern. The lock attempts to modify human behaviour; issues like a wider concern of how society can peacefully and respectfully co-exist. Who would be the best custodians to take over the reins, who will be the next curator,


For those that are active in the industrial archaeology of locks there are benefits in joining the supporters group; such as reduced fees when requesting data and scans from archive material and access to our international members forum Join the Supporters Group HERE


You can also simply DONATE via our virtual donation box; we are grateful for your vision. This helps us very materially with some of our more ambitious plans to build and extend on first class exhibits and resources such as more satellite venues, saving and restoring artefacts and archive material and a global exhibit and archive resource centre.

There is one more way you can help; the HoL day-to-day running is funded by our purpose e-commerce site supplying every day physical locks and keys, we encourage you to explore and use this site whenever you can for your every-day lock and key needs.

We thank you all for your help and support

Part of the HoL permanent exhibit hosted by the Master Locksmiths Association in Rugby.