History of Locks

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Preserving artefacts from antiquity to the cutting edge examples of today

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The History of Locks Museum

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We would like to especially acknowledge and formaly thank all those people and organisations that have shared in our vision and have in one way or another helped and contributed  to preserve and maintain the History of Locks. Some have donated items for the Museum collection, others have provided valuable memories, some have been active as volunteers whilst others assist in restoration and research - we are deeply indepted to you all.

Special thank-you's to:-

United Kingdom

People: James Ashby, Colin Attle, Chris Batterbee, Bob Ayton, Richard Baker, Lewis Beadle, Joy Benzie, Steve Biddle, Charles Brock, Karen Brownlow, Ken Bryan, Robert (Bob) Callard, Bill Chubb, Tony Crawshaw, Bryan Dix, the family of Trevor Dowson. John Eaton, Gary Eckersall, Tim Fin, Richard Hewes, Mike Fincher, Peter Gunn, Peter Hall, Lucilla Hill, Barie Jenks, Kenny Little, John McMhon, John Mitchell, Mark Nevill, Bob Newton, Brian Philpott, Philip Roy, John Sansom, Paul Souber, the family of Jack Taylor, Pat Tempest, the family of  Leon Titinero’, Warwick Samuel, David White, Peter Wosahlo.

Organisations: FinFort Locks, the trustees of Fordingbridge Museum, Gunnebo UK, Hewes, Locks4Vans, the Board of the Master Locksmihs Association, Powell Hardware Ltd.


Cliff Forester


Jean-Claude Degros, Eric Scaillet


Holger Raum, Adrian Webber.


Paul Cunneen, Basil Shannon,


Peter Don, Titia Frima, Jan van Griethuysen


The family of Ole Dromnes,


Vaughan Armstrong.

Preserving the Heritage

The History of locks Museum gathers together documents and artefacts that  tell a specific part of mankind's story . His fundamental need to provide shelter and security to himself  and his family  is paramount and of course the way these enclosures are secured, the actual hardware of privileged  access, is also equally paramount; this principle applies to all groups or layers through society right up to government level.

This page acknowledges the many people that have shared our vision; you too can input in innumerable ways and help us record and more fully understand the back stories to the hardware  we preserve. Contact our curator with your thoughts, snippets or even objects; we very much appreciate your input.

Thank you for your input & support

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